Add/Update Excel Data Into SharePoint List Using Power Automate

We will take a look at how to add/update excel data into your SharePoint List using Power Automate.
To use Excel Online Connector of Power Automate, please make sure that your excel data needs are in the table layout.
This is a glimpse of how your Flow will look like,
Let’s Start Creating it.
  1. Schedule/Automate your flow using a schedule connector.
  2. Use, List rows present in a table connector, add the location of excel file details along with the table you want to move into your SharePoint List,
	SharePoint List using Power Automate 
Fig 1.1
  • You will get your excel data in the form of an array. So, in the next step add and apply to each condition wherein you will provide the value of the list rows as an output from the previous step as shown in Fig 1.2
	SharePoint List using Power AutomateFig 1.2
  • Now, as we are creating a flow to update and add, we will look into the site list whether we have an item if not, create a new one.
  • So, use SharePoint Get items connector and then add this expression in your condition (This expression checks the length of an item in your list)

    Expression: length(outputs(‘Get_items’)?[‘body/value’])
  • In the condition add this expression and check if this is not equal to ‘0’

    • If the length is not equal to ‘0’ – We will update SharePoint Item
    • If the length is equal to ‘0’ – We will Create a SharePoint Item

  • As shown in Fig. 1.3
	SharePoint List using Power AutomateFig 1.3
  • Now, you can test the flow, your Excel data will be created into your SharePoint List, also update your content into excel table data test your flow, and you will get the item updated into your SharePoint list.
I hope you enjoy reading this. Keep Learning, Keep Sharing