Adobe Launches Edge, Tool to build HTML 5 Web Applications

Adobe Launches Edge, Tool to build HTML 5 Web Applications

Finally, Adobe is thinking outside of the box. Adobe Suite and other products are designed years ago and not only they use old technology underneath, they are also slow, need more computer resources and are not Web 2.0 standards.

There is a reason I chose Expression Blend 4 over Fireworks CS 5

That said, no more Adobe is behind. It has just launched a new product called Edge. Edge Preview is available for download now. 

Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. 

Edge will be updated regularly to add new functionality, stay ahead of evolving web standards, and incorporate user feedback to provide the best functionality and experience possible. You may check out Adobe Edge Preview here.

This version of Edge focuses primarily on adding rich motion design to new or existing HTML projects, that runs beautifully on devices and desktops.

  • Create new compositions with Edge's drawing and text tools.
  • Import popular web graphics such as SVG, PNG, JPG or GIF files.
  • Easily choreograph animation with the timeline editor. Animate position, size, color, shape, rotation and more at the property level.
  • Energize existing HTML files with motion, while preserving the integrity of CSS-based HTML layouts.
  • Copy and paste transitions, invert them, and choose from over 25 built-in easing effects for added creativity.


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