Advanced Search Control in jQuery

In web application, mostly we develop search control to search data in database. Here I am going to show a Advanced Search Control through jQuery and JSON(Java Script Object Notation).

 This search control can be used on multiple pages within a single application without more changing in script.
 I have attached a sample application (, jQuery and JSON). But it can be used in other languages also wherever jQuery is supported like php, java etc.
 This control has multiple Operators and multiple fields to search and it makes dynamic Sql query to search from database.
 We can change or add new column easily in JSON file(JsonDoc.js). In JSON file, we can describe properties related to database like column name, table name, and Keys also. In JsonDoc.js file you will see one property Module, you can mention here about different pages. For example, on one page we want to show employee related columns to search, and on another page, we want to show department related columns to search.
 All jQuery functionality are written in JSON_advancedSearch.js file.