Agile Retrospectives Apex & Card Game

Scrum has a one of ceremony is called retrospective meeting. However I titled summit apex. Agile says in this ceremony SM and team will speak in terms of 3 WHAT i.e. what went right, what went wrong, and what to improve. It’s look that start with blame game and heat up the room. The fact is that in normal situation the negative waves spread in the room. This is impediment of this meeting. I would include introvert and shy member as retrospective impediment. In general the most of Agile-Scrum team blindly prefer to use the same phrases marked in agile holy book. They missed the one word “Adaptive”. The three “What” Right/Wrong/Improve influence sort of flaming between team however the ceremony objective to share the idea what individual had experience in last sprint. To avoid such burning, generate fruit full outcome, ending with great team spirit as a SM adopt activities during this ceremony. First try to create this meeting as an enjoyable experience for everyone. Be creative. For example order some burger, pizza and soft drink. Always keep away uninvited external member. This message gives a positive wave within your team to express freely. Shy and introvert member is challenging. SM and team give them hidden invitation to speak. Now let’s play a 4 Card game, card 1 Improve, card 2 Introduce card 3 Stop Card 4 Pass. So each member in their turn to say something with by open a card at a time. Each member can allow using 4 card ‘Pass’ only once. The last one to use Pass card will be winner, because the member has given most of ideas. Revise the game as needed according to team. Idea is come from last sprint experience, and respect individual ideas/ views. Found that member feel depressed or unsatisfied of such practice. In such situation SM give space to them to let out such feelings. And then SM discussed with them with positive manner. It may help you to improve Retrospective Ceremony.

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