An Alternative To HTML

When we say the Web page, perhaps you think only of HTML. I'm going to introduce here an alternative to HTML , which most people don't know about.

Instead of using HTML everytime, you can choose SVG. It stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Here, we'll go through a quick example of SVG.


This is a very simple Web page, that displays two text lines. Is this HTML? No, zero HTML. Its SVG, you can see starting and ending tags i.e. <svg> . . .</svg>.

Its a very small example, but you can make complete Websites, using pure SVG. You can also use JavaScript with it.

Now the question is, when should we prefer SVG over HTML? See the following SVG example, which is a bit more complex.


You should go with SVG, whenever you need to have these kind of graphical effects, some curves, a few circles, etc. I know you can do it with HTML but SVG is a better choice for this kind of stuff.

SVG is more focused on the graphics, while you may use HTML for other scenarios.

While praising SVG, one thing that I should mention is that, there aren't many libraries written for SVG. Thus, if you're thinking of targeting some mobile platforms or some other advanced stuff, you must stick to HTML, which has been here for over two decades now.

Thus, this is the alternative to HTML. Give it a try and share your experience.


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