Anchor Tagging on Modern SharePoint Pages


Hi guys, let’s try to explore the concept of implementing anchor tagging across the SharePoint modern site pages when there is huge amount of content on your page. When we want to quickly navigate back to some sections and have a further glance at those specific sections Anchor Tags comes up with the hyperlinking concept through which we can navigate back to those sections for quick analyzing and reading.


Create a Modern Page with lots of contents using Text Editor Modern Web Parts only using H1/H3 fonts as the Header in order to generate the Hyperlinking which can be used again to reach there from some other location within the same page with so much height.

Steps to Follow

Create a Modern Page and name it as Anchor Tagging


Add different Text Editors with different headings and content along with other Modern Web Parts that you want to use on it.


Copy the Hyperlinks generated from the H1/H3 font based Headings on your Text Modern Web Parts.


Similarly, do it for another link and also add it in the Bottom section as shown below:


Finally, we have achieved Quick Anchor Tagged Navigations links to move to your favorite Text sections on the same Modern Site Page. We can also enable Open links in New Tabs/Same Page section as per the User’s requirements.