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Android Studio not Starting Up After Installation

I ran into a couple problems having android studio to install and work. thought I'd share my findings!

I was much exited to use Google's Android Studio. As prerequisite I install necessary JDK and JRE. But after installation, I am facing some problem. When I click on icon, nothing happen on screen. When I start "Task Manager", I saw there are numbers of "cmd.exe" files are running.

To solve this problem,
  1. Go to the Environment Variables ( Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings  -> Advanced (tab) -> Environment Variables).
  2. Add JDK_HOME with the correct path under System Variable.


variable -> JDK_HOME

value -> c:\program files\java\jdk1.7.0.xx

Note - path may be differ in your case, check before adding

If still not working, add another variable named "JAVA_HOME" and same value like above.