AngularJS : Initial Setup And Building Application With Node.JS


In this blog, I am going to discuss how to build and initially setup an AngularJS 4 application.


To develop Angular applications, you should have at least beginner level knoweledge of HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS.

Simple steps to setup development environment and build Angular 4 application
  • Download and install Node.js framework.
    Official site:

  • Download Angular 4 quickstart app and extract.

  • Install required packages into quickstart application using the command window.

    To open command window on quickstart app, click on extracted quickstart app. Then, shift + right click on mouse button and select "Open command window here" option.

    To install packages, type any of the below commands and hit "Enter".
    • npm install
    • npm install -global
    • npm install -g

  • Now, the event has been created and you just need to open quickstart project folder into 'Visual Studio Code' ( IDE and work on it.

  • To build and run the Angular app, use the below command.

    npm start