AngularJS with WebApi

This is a complete AngularJS mini project: How to show data in a table using WebApi, how to call WebApi in AngularJS, how to use routing in AngluarJS, and how to make a simple repositiory.

I used in this project,
  1. Index.html: Index basically used for starting a page,  it contains menu and home/about.
  2. Home.html:  This is the main page of this project in which we show data in html table using ng-repart. 
  3. HomeController.js: This is the controller which is used with home.html. Basically home controller is the bridge between html and webapi. This controller passes data which comes to API and then gives it to the table which  is used in the Html Page (home.html) 
  4. App.js: App.js is the most importaint file in this project. App.js is used for routing features. I hope you understand Angularjs Routing. 
  5. Entity Framwork: Used for database accessing EF. We use DataBase First Approch and make a simple Repository.
  6. CustomerServiceController: This is our controller which transfers our data  to home.html, which is coming to WebApi.
I attached a full application on the Top.Download 

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