Application Development Section In IIS

The most important section in IIS is the application development segment. Here, I have described it in the detail.
Application Development

In the application development section, there are many features such as .NET Authorization , .NET Compilation, .NET, Globalization, .NET Profile, Application Setting, ASP, CGI, Connection strings, Machine Key, Page and Controls, Provider, Session State, SMPT E-mail.

Uses of Application development feature
  • .NET Authorization- It is used for configuring authorization rules to access the website and application.
  • .NET Compilation- It is used to configure the properties for the managed code.
  • .NET Globalization- Configure the globalization for the managed code.
  • .NET Profile- Configure option that tracks the user selected preference in ASP.NET Application.
  • Application Setting- Configure named and values pairs for the managed code to be used at runtime.
  • ASP- It is used to configure ASP.NET Application.
  • CGI- It is used to configure CGI programs.
  • Connection strings- Configure the strings that the websites and applications can use to connect to the data sources.
  • Machine Key- It is used to configure hashing and encryption system to managed application services.
  • Page and Controls- Configures the properties for the page and controls in ASP.NET Application.
  • Provider- Configures the provider for the provider based application services.
  • Session State- It is used to configure session state setting form authentication setting and cookie setting.
  • SMTP E-mail- It is used to configure the email address and delivery options to send an email from web applications.

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