Appraisal and Switching Company

Do you think, this is the right time to change the company? Many professionals switches company just for 15-20% hike.  Yesterday, one of my friends was discussing it with me that whether it is good or not. In IT industry, 7-10% appraisal is the general or let me say it typical appraisal rate. This appraisal is generally done on CTC. So, if someone's CTC is 10L, he may get around 1L hike as appraisal. There are many exceptions like if someone salary is very less then possibility is for double!!!

I have seen many employers higher fresher on small packages and later they offer a very good hike as appraisals. It is the strategy of company and it differ from companies to companies. I see it in different ways at varying experience capacity. Mid level developers get more offer and they get more hikes. This hike is generally 30-50%. In the same company you get maximum 7-10% hike of your CTC and if you switch it is 30-50%. Money should not always the key element to consider for switching. Work culture, facilities, your personal satisfaction is always echo and matter for switching. Off course at the end of the day money matters!

Syed Farhan, Manager - Talent Acquisition at Path Infotech Ltd, says- "It is very unethical behavior of professionals when they accept one company offer and later denied it on finding better choices. People start hunting better jobs (what to say? Money+big company) while keeping an offer and having resigned from current one. They accept 3-4 companies' offers and later denied all except one. Oh, poor companies who have given you offer and at last moment you are refusing them. But people left them in very poor condition as they have not left so much time for them to hire another good candidate. This unethical tendency should be stop."

He further adds, "What if companies keep hunting for cheaper resources even after offering the position to some candidates and later they say sorry to all offered candidates except the one with lesser package? Off course, companies can't do it as it is a matter of goodwill and prestige. But candidate should also understand the things."

Off course everyone want to rise and have right to switch employer. But it should be in ethical manner. There are many companies who will not entertain you for interviews if you are changing your current employer in less than 1.5yrs. But what for this case: One of my colleagues changed his job for some money with some consultancy after serving 4years. Later he realized that he did a big mistake in understanding the new employer. New company's work culture was not good and not suiting him. So he started looking for a change again in only 2 months time.

Switching should be done with ethics not with ego.


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