Ask yourself these questions if you're a StartUp/SME

An important step for your business and user connectivity is the definition of your brand. It connects to you with your customers on a human level. Once you get company’s voice as a big brand and personality on paper, you can start teaching colleagues and staff how to communicate on behalf of the brand.

  • If you’re doing tone of voice work, you should schedule some one-on-one interview time before you start writing.
  • If you work in-house at a Startup, then start by interviewing a Head or CEO. From here, you might want to interview some other people around the office.
  • If you work for a big brand or an agency, then interviews are probably part of your process. You can just slip in a few extra questions.
  • But if you have started your own company/ Startup/ SME, then first ask yourself the following questions.
  1. Why did you start your venture?
  2. What does your Startup do?
  3. Why do people visit your company website.?
  4. Who are your target customers?
  5. Why do people choose your company over your competitors.?
  6. What other brand voices do you admire?
  7. Let say your brand is a person, how would you describe him or her?
  8. How do you want people to feel when they visit your website?
  9. Can you describe your company in 3-5 words? (Very Short)
  10. What do you love about your work?

These were some major questions you should ask yourself. Ask as many questions as you need in order to learn more about the company’s personality. Listen for emotional responses—don’t worry about technical answers during this part of the process.

The result: This can reveal lot of knowledge behind a brand. It gives you a better understanding of the company and its customers, and will help you in finding  patterns and communication problems. This communication will give you a lot of confidence and build trust among you, your team, clients and brand. Therefore, you will find your brand's voice.