Azure Arc - Extend Azure Everywhere

Introduction to Azure Arc

In the digital era of complex technology and multi-cloud environment, the technical environment should be able to integrate with multiple clouds, different data centers, etc. Azure Arc helps teams to implement complex multi-cloud technologies by providing simplified governance and management.

Features of Azure Arc

  • Manage complete environment with single user interface
  • Support of familiar azure services with ease
  • Support hybrid traditional ITOps as well as DevOps way of working
  • Allow using below resources with Azure Arc,
    • Server
    • Kubernetes cluster
    • Azure Data Services
    • SQL Server

Deliverables of Azure Arc

  • Simplified security and governance of the multi-cloud environment
  • Easy Governance of Kubernetes cluster
  • Support for VM extension for the security and monitoring management for Azure windows and Linux VM
  • Extension for Gitops to integrate with Git repositories
  • Azure Arc supports PowerShell, CLI

Resource Graph Queries with Azure Arc

Various sample queries are available in PowerShell, CLI, and from the portal using kusto query to work with Azure Arc.

Sample Azure CLI

az graph query -q "ExtendedLocationResources | where type == 'microsoft.extendedlocation/customlocations/enabledresourcetypes'"

Support of Azure Arc for Different Components

  • Arc enabled servers
  • Arc enabled Kubernetes
  • Arc enabled data services

Project Azure Arc Jump Start

This project is created to provide zero to hero experience to start working with Azure Arc.

This project provides a jump start box to start working with Azure Arc.

You can also follow this youtube channel to learn more about Azure Arc:


Azure Arc provides a simplified setup to govern and secure multi-cloud and on-prem environments along with data centers.