Bar Charts (Column Charts)

Bar chart, sometimes called column chart or line chart, is one of the most used charts. The bar with varying lengths represents the data values. The bars are used to compare data values across various categories.

The bar chart can be used to show a single data value over multiple categories or even multiple data types over multiple data values.

The bar chart can be used to show.

  • Part-to-whole relationships
  • Inter-category comparisons
  • Percentages of change or of totals

Single Data Value Over Multiple Categories 

If you see in this example, the data value (Sales) is visualized over multiple categories (Months).

Multiple Data Value Over Multiple Categories

If you see in this example, the Sales of each brand of shoes is visualized over Months. Here, multiple values (Sales and Brand) are visualized over a category (Month).


Bar charts can also be used horizontally to display the same information.