Basic System info Commands for Linux

Here, I am going to discuss some basic Linux command through which you can get the information of your system in Linux environment.

  • cat /proc/meminfo: It will provide you Memory Information.

  • cat /proc/cpuinfo: It will provide you CPU Information.

  • date: It will show you current date or time.

  • whoami: It shows who are logged in right now.

  • df -h: It shows disk usage.

  • du: It shows directory space usage.

  • uname -a: It shows kernel information.

  • w: It shows who is online.

  • cal: It shows the current month calender.

  • cat /proc/filesystems: It shows the type of current file system which are currently using.

  • free: It displays available memory in kilo bytes.

  • cat /proc/version: This command shows what version you are using. And it displays some other information as well.

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