Be Social My Friend – The best advice I have for you

Be Social My Friend – The best advice I have for you 

Being active on Facebook and Twitter is an easier way to get connected with the people, either you know them personally or not. But don't let the misused and misinterpreted word "social community" or "Socially Active", let you fool. Just because you are active on the social communities, it does not make you social. You are "virtually social" and larger impacts of this you will see some years later. At some point, you must have some real-social friends. Friends you can hang out with. Friends you can talk to. 

Do you ever wonder why college days are probably the best days of your life? The answer is simple. In college days, you are truly socially active. 

Take a minute or two and think about what being social really means. Take a day off of your virtual social activity and be real-social. Meet your friends and family. Have a picnic or a game and hang out. Go for a park or a bowling place. Take an evening off and hang out with friends and have fun. Visit your parental village and listens to some of the problems villagers having. If nothing else, go for a walk, run or do some Yoga :).
Forget about computer! Forget about work! Forget about Internet! 

My dear friend! Be social! 


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