Begin GPU Computing TODAY!

I would like to encourage all developers to work on GPU Computing.

While we have 2 options i would like to talk about the NVidia Way!

OPENCL 1.0 is now released! so it will change the way 3D Applications built,in my opinion! What does OPENCL do?

OpenCLâ„¢ is the first open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors found in personal computers, servers and handheld/embedded devices. OpenCL (Open Computing Language) greatly improves speed and responsiveness for a wide spectrum of applications in numerous market categories from gaming and entertainment to scientific and medical software.

OpenCL supports a wide range of applications, from embedded and consumer software to HPC solutions, through a low-level, high-performance, portable abstraction. By creating an efficient, close-to-the-metal programming interface, OpenCL will form the foundation layer of a parallel computing ecosystem of platform-independent tools, middleware and applications.

OpenCL is being created by the Khronos Group with the participation of many industry-leading companies and institutions including 3DLABS, Activision Blizzard, AMD, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, Codeplay, Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Freescale, Fujitsu, GE, Graphic Remedy, HI, IBM, Intel, Imagination Technologies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Motorola, Movidia, Nokia, NVIDIA, Petapath, QNX, Qualcomm, RapidMind, Samsung, Seaweed, S3, ST Microelectronics, Takumi, Texas Instruments, Toshiba and Vivante.

To Begin your GPU Computing Adventure:

If you have a NVidia CUDA-Supported Graphics Card,i will ask if you can try these Drivers & SDKs in the following order:

1) Developer Drivers for [your Operating System]
2) CUDA Toolkit
3) GPU Computing SDK 3.0
4) CULA: GPU-accelerated LAPACK libraries


Begin TODAY,Shape the Future TOMORROW!