Best Practices for PowerApps

Here are some best PowerApps best practices.
1. Refresh the Data Source and add it as a code for the Main Form if there is problem with On Click Buttons submissions. For eg. If Form Submission only taking place after multiple clicks but not single click and has too many If Statements written for that Button code.
Here the main form is : Revised Main form and goto the drop down and select OnVisible and goto the fx Formula section to add the above code as shown…Refresh(DataSource);UodateContext,Refresh(‘EAR MAster’)
2. For direct Web based PowerApps building goto: 
For direct access to Admin centre goto:
For Form Customizations using Power Apps mode plz follow the below steps:-
List Settings-> Advance Settings-> List experience-New Experience
After saving select the below option as in the snapshot.
3. Add a Timer and set it match the sync period for an On Click Button submission by coding in the PowerApps.
4. If Too many If Statements are there please replace with a Nested If or Switch Statements to save time and improve the efficiency.
5. Always check the Button formulas first to get a clearer idea about how the Data Cards are inter connected in their formulas and check with the given Workflow diagram and SPD WF if matching or not.
6. Test records both freshly by creating newly and also by editing the records for Toggle related testing scenarios with more permutations to get the different scenarios in practice.
7. Always take a Back up of SPD WF[linked to PowerApps application] by clicking Save as a Template option in order to restore all your works if WF crashes or lost all or few content inside it due to some Cache problem.
8. Always create a Test environment in order to complete all our requirements specification and once executed successfully we can implement it back into the main Production/Development environment.
9. Keep a track of all the break points in order to track back while working on Power Apps like when we are continuously working on multiple action items say Buttons, Galleries, Data Cards, Formulas tuning etc. we need to take a note of them in order to re track back when need to reupdate it again and finally to publish it.
10. Follow Power App Hacks and try to implement them in your work.
11. Follow Best Tricks,Tips for effective working on Power Apps.
12. Make the Power App always focussed and straight to the point not with too much of customizations, UI decorations only for the Target audience.
13. Rename controls, labels, galleries, datacollect with proper Coding Guidelines, Namings & Conventions.
Refer link:-
14. Protect the User and restrict them accordingly as per the User / Group permission management.
15. Use multiple screens with multiple Onvisible Navigations with Buttons to avoid complex presentation on a single Main Menu and avoid over scrolling.
16. Use Gallery very effectively as we can implement multiple Look ups on it.
17. Set(varLoading,true) for Slow app logic while Set(varLoading,false) with some spinning GIF image for maintaining that sync with the Timer of the Application Loading time.
18. Use less memory size based Icon controls, Images and other controls etc. that are downloaded or used externally to the Power Apps.
19. Don’t Use Over Commenting Techniques.
20. Make a note of the Versions with their respective changes which you are publishing to retrack back as we don’t have the option to download the versions and reuse them eventually.
21. Use Formulas effectively as per the requirement by checking the correct syntax over here:-