Blend Pen Tool: Creating Arbitrary Shapes

The pen tool is used to make vectors (paths) in visual studio blend. We can make different shapes with the help of the pen tool that we can’t easily make using any other tool, e.g., a triangle. We can make a rectangle, square, ellipse, etc. by using the rectangle/square tool but we can’t make shapes likea triangle or any other arbitrary shape.

So to make any shape first we have to select the pen tool from the assets given on the left side of the tab.

pen tool

After this go to your screen and click anywhere on it. You will see a blue dot appear, this is called a node.
Now move your pen tool in any other position on the screen and again click on it, you can see that another node is created and the former node and this node are both joined making a line.
joined making a line
Now go ahead and make another node somewhere below these two, you will see that there is now some shaded area.
shaded area

This shaded area shows what area would be included in the shape.

Now to complete the image what you have to do is click on the first node that you created and your image/shape would be completed.