Blocking An App From Running Using C#

Programming is fun and we all love it. Developing software is just one part of programming. We all develop small pieces of code, which do some nifty task. Today, I am posting this blog because I have developed a small piece of code for doing just such a  nifty task. Using this code, you can block any app from running in th Windows desktop environment. It's just an app locker for an Android but this time; it is for Windows. It is a trick, which I have learned over the internet and today I am sharing it with you. 
This program is developed, using C#. You can use any other .NET compliant language like VB for this trick. What we basically do is we start a Timer, which is going to tick after every 100 ms. Whenever this Timer ticks, we are going to check whether the Application (which we want to block) is running or not. If it is running, we are going to kill the Application. By this method, you are not able to run the app (which we want to block).
If you want to view the complete code, follow the link below.

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