Breeze.JS – Rich Data Management for the JavaScript Client

Breeze.JS – Breeze.JS is a rich data management system for the JavaScript client. It's used for client-side querying, caching, dynamic object graphs, change tracking and notification, model validation, batch save, offline.
All parts of rich data management with Breeze.js are running natively on every browser. 
  • Client Caching – Cache queries, new and changed data on the client for a responsive UI.
  • Track Changes – Track changes, raise events and validate using metadata and rules you write.
  • Rich Queries – Query the server and client cache with filters, ordering, paging and projections.
  • Mobile – Enable great mobile experiences that execute natively on any device.
Breeze.js communicates with any remote service that speaks HTTP and JSON. Optional breeze server components make it easier to build services that support breeze client applications.