Build HTML 5 Applications using Expression Blend 5

Build HTML 5 Applications using Expression Blend 5

If you're a frequent visitor of C# Corner, you may have read the news about Windows 8 consumer preview and Visual Studio 11. Visual Studio 11 beta was announced couple of days ago. Well, I downloaded and installed Visual Studio 11 beta. Check out my experience with installation here.  One thing I noticed in Visual Studio 11 beta was that Blend is a part of the installation.

If you have built any WPF and/or Silverlight applications, I am sure you have used Expression Blend. Blend allows developers to create stunning user interfaces without writing a single line of code. So what has changed in Blend version 5?

Well, I am not going into much details but one feature that is added to Blend is now you can build metro-style apps using Blend. Not only that, you can choose between XAML and HTML. When you create a blend project, now you have a choice to pick your design language. It can be either XAML or HTML.


The good thing about blend is that it support visual controls and all design features what blend support for XAML. So WPF and Silverlight developers will find it handy when building HTML 5 applications using Blend.


This actually kind of puts a stamp on Microsoft moving more towards HTML 5 and bringing death to Silverlight.


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