Buying Degree from some Distance mode private Universities

Well, like me, many other have posted and replied in forums at many websites, regarding picking of University for distance or open mode education in India. But advertisement of notorious private universities that mainly existing for selling degrees and making money is more attractive than our honest and actual information. Thanks to those good universities who adhere the rules and regulations and still trying to save our education system.

Most of working professionals who have much gap after their last education are preferring to buy a degree instead of further waiting to complete the required course period. They are looking for back-doors to get degree immediately or in 2-3 months time. And this is the reason for setting up of degree scams. It is the fault of us, youth of India who don't want to go through the proper way and give his time in earning a degree. He thinks that who will wait for another years to hold a degree! Let's pay some money as I am a good earner now or I will earn more after this investment. So they are taking it as Investment and not as actual course or education. Their main purpose of buying a degree is to show as proof to current or new employer for getting a handsome package. This is leading bigger degree scam in India.

Our distance and open mode education structure is being badly demolished day by day as it is losing goodwill due to this buying and sell of degrees. Very simple, existence of these degree fraudsters is due to buyer. Don't buy a degree but try your best to earn it with quality education. Let's build a good reputation of our open education system.

Jago Yuwa, Jago!!!  Chose proper track of education, not shortcut wrong way by shaking hand with fraudsters and cheaters of our nation.