C# 11- Pattern Matching On Span For Constant String


System.ReadOnlySpan<T> is a second variant of Span<T> with read-only access. It will work with immutable data types like System.String. In this blog, you will learn how to apply pattern matching on ReadOnlySpan.

Pattern Matching on ReadOnlySpan

Assume we have ReaOnlySpan, which is defined in below statement, 

ReadOnlySpan<char> text = "Gowtham K"; 

We can have a condition check, as given below 

if (text is "Gowtham K") {
    Console.WriteLine($ "Yes it is {text}");

From the above statement, it's obvious that ReadOnlySpan will work with an immutable data type System.String. 

Let's do pattern matching with ReadOnlySpan, 

//Pattern Matching 
if (text is['G', ..]) {
    Console.WriteLine("Name Starts with G");

The above pattern in the condition statement will check whether the 'text' starts with 'G' and ignore the rest of the characters. So, the above statement will return true and print "Name Starts with G" in the console. 


We have seen how to perform a Pattern matching on ReadOnlySpan<T>, it is one of the key features from C# 11. We will see more about C# 11 features in my future blogs. 

Click here to download the source code from GitHub.

 Happy Coding!!!

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