Certain Windows Updates Disable SQL Server Instances

I have noticed that after doing a Windows Update in Windows 10, it sometimes disables or removes drivers it considers outdated. This time, it disabled my SQL Server instance and I can not connect to the database.
When you try to connect, you get the message given below.
I was also getting an error, when I was trying to run my application: 'The underlying provider failed on Open'.
The application was running fine the previous day and suddenly it was throwing these errors. I checked the connection string, rebuilt the solution and also did a GIT pull to check if I missed some changes.
On further investigation, I realized that SQL Server Service was not running and was in a stopped state.
To re enable it, open run. ( Press Windows key + R ).
Type Services.msc and press OK.
 A Services Window opens, scroll to SQL Server. ( Be careful not to change any other Services).
Double click on it. Now, click on start.
 Service status should change to running.

If startup type is disabled, change it to automatic.
I believe this happened because I was using an older SQL Server instance. Ver: 12.0.2269.0
I hope this blog helps someone.