Changing The Default Values Of Select/Edit In SQL Server Management Studio

In this blog, we will learn, how to change the default values of select/edit command in SQL Server Management Studio.

Many of us have used the methods, given above, to select, insert and update the records in a table. It is much easier, compared to writing a query for the same. With these default numbers, it is not possible to edit the big tables. Thus, I searched for the options to change these numbers and found out this.

I know that this is not a big deal for most people but for someone like me (who rarely looks at what all those menus are for!), it matters a lot and I knew many people like me complained about the same. Thus, I thought of sharing this.

Follow these steps,

Click “Tools” Menu -> “Options”.

Expand “SQL Server Object Explorer”.

Click “Commands”.

Change the values for edit & select.

Press “OK

That’s it. Now, if you right click your table you can see that your values changed.

Hoping that this will be helpful for someone like me!