Changing Themes In Unified Service Desk

To enhance the user experience in USD, we can apply themes, and to set the theme we need to call the SetTheme action of Global Manager Hosted Control.

To change the theme, navigate to Settings -> Unified Service Desk -> Action Calls -> Click + to create New Option.

In Hosted Control, select your Global Manager.

Action should be selected as SetTheme. Data should contain the path to your XAML theme, given BlueStyle.xaml theme is available by default. Now, you need to attach this action call to DesktopReady event of Global Manager. To do this, navigate to Hosted Control -> Your Global Manager. Here, click on arrow besides control name and then Events to see all the events, as shown below.

Click on DesktopReady to open it

Here, in Active Actions subgrid, add SetTheme action call created in the last step. Refer to the screenshot.

To see this in action, open USD Application, you can see the Blue theme is applied to USD Window.

Other than Blue theme, we have a few other predefined themes as well, which we can use in the data field of an action call.

  • Air => /UnifiedServiceDesk;component/Styles/AirStyle.xaml
  • Blue => /UnifiedServiceDesk;component/Styles/BlueStyle.xaml
  • Style => /UnifiedServiceDesk;component/Styles/Style.xaml

Other than these, we can create our custom themes also.