Building Chatbot Using Chatfuel


In this blog, I will tell how to create the chatbot that integrates with Social Media, like Messenger, Telegram, Google Assistant, and various social media platforms. Chatbot is used in different applications, like Online Booking, Customer Support etc.

  • First, create your personal account for you "".
  • Second, you want to create the Facebook page if you want to integrate Chatbot with Messenger.

  • Click "Create A Blank Bot". 
  • After this, click the CONNECT TO FACEBOOK button.
  • Inside the left panel of the Bot, you will see -
    • Build
    • SetupAI
    • Broadcast
    • Configure
    • Grow
    • Analyze
  • Welcome Message and Default Message will appear.
When you click the Welcome Message, it shows the {{firstname}},{{lastname}} and some text message that means Firstname, Lastname taken from the Facebook. It shows something like - Hi {{firstname}}{{lastname}}, this is the sample bot.

Step 2

The second step is to create the BLOCK and GROUP.

BLOCK----->Block consists of Text, Gallery, Image, List, Quick Reply, Typing, and many other fields that consist of the MOST USED, PLUGINS, IFTT Integrations, ZAPIER Integrations, and many stacks.

GROUP----->Group means Add the many blocks inside Group.

Step 3

At the top right corner, test this chatbot like Button

Click that button and try to use and test your chatbot.

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