Comment Emotions

We see tons of comments on articles, blogs, and news that have simple comments - Nice! Great! Awesome! We want to replace these simple comments with Like Emotions. That will be a faster way to post your emotions about a topic.
This is what we have come up with.
Article/Blogs emotions:
  1. Love it. Extraordinary content.
  2. Awesome. Very informative.
  3. Nice. Great writing style. Easy to understand.
  4. Thanks. Very helpful.
  5. Interesting. Looking forward to your next post.
  6. Just OK. I was expecting more.
  7. Too simple. Need more details.
  8. Thumbs down. Poor content.
News Comments emotions:
  1. Wow. I didn't know that.
  2. Awesome. This is wonderful.  
  3. Great. This is useful.
  4. It's OK. Not impressed.
  5. Seriously? Not interested.
Note: Based on the content type, we have different emotions.
What do you think of these 8 emotions? We will create image icons for these emotions. We will also restrict a comment to a minimum number of characters to make a comment useful for an author.
Please post your feedback and comments.