Common Language Runtime (CLR) in .NET

Look at the following points:

  • Common Language Runtime is the heart of .NET framework. It manages everything in .NET framework.

  • CLR provides the following services: memory management, type safety, exception handling, garbage collection, security and thread management.

  • If enough physical memory is not available to run program, the garbage collector with the help of CLR will release memory from unused object automatically.

  • CLR converts MISL to native language with the help of Just In Time compiler (JIT). JIT converts MISL to operating system understanding language.

  • Each operating system understands different native language so CLR with the help of JIT converts MSIL to native code based on operating system.

  • Programmer does not push to call CG, it is not a good way because you may not use one object but another user might be use particular object. When try to use another user occur error because that object might be removed from memory by CG.

  • .NET framework supports cross language integrity by CLR.