Concept of Binding



  • Binding is a association between class & function.
  • Binding is a association between name & memory.
  • Binding is a logically associating two things.
  • Binding is a process of association between two things.

Binding of two types
1) Early binding
2) Late binding


Early Binding
1) It is also known as Static binding.
2) Writing of program or code.
3) Type verification take place.
4) Taking plan with time.
   e.g. Class with methods, since it checked by complier.

5) Class writing is a early binding.
   e.g. overloading, Inheritance.
6) Database connectivity steps - Early binding.

Late Binding

1) It is also known as Dynamic binding with memory.
2) Context bind with memory.
3) Association with real time.
4) Mapping with memory.
5) Decide at run time.
   e.g. Polymorphism is achieved through Late binding
         overriding, exception.

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