Concept Of REST APIs In SharePoint Online Or On-Premises

In this blog, we will learn about REST APIs in SharePoint. REST API is not a customary API, which includes a set of libraries and all the data containing types and the types containing properties and methods.

REST API is typically applied as a data-centric web service, which is based upon the Open Data Protocol, which we can mostly use to retrieve the data in detail.

Thus, let’s start using IE to see the details for API for site page in SharePoint.

  • Open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Explorer Internet options. Navigate to Content tab and select the settings available for Feeds and Web Slices, as shown below.

    Internet Explorer

  • A dialog box will open up on the screen. You need to make sure that the feed reading view is fully off. Click OK.

    Internet Explorer

  • Change the current URL to site URL +/_api/web. Next, press Enter.

    Internet Explorer

You will get an XML document. If you scroll down further, you will get further information about the current Web.

Next, if we want to know more about the lists that are in the Web, you need to append all such lists to your URL. When we were using the Explorer Browser, you were issuing suitable Get requests to your Server. However, we can also do the remaining standard CRUD operations.

We can get all the details, using API file by expanding and adding the list name on the URL page.