Configure Content Type Hub in SharePoint 2013

The site collection, which will host content types for sharing, is known as content type hub. Content Type Hubs enables you to create new content types and then make them available to other SharePoint site collections in the same or different web applications or across farms. This is a publisher-subscriber model, where content types are published by the Content Type Hubs using Metadata service and subscribers are the web applications in the SharePoint Farm. Finally, all the site collections in the web application which subscribe to this Metadata service will get this content type. To enable your site collection to be a content type hub you need to activate a feature known as "Content Type Syndication Hub" in the site collection level. In this blog you will see how to configure Content Type Hub in SharePoint 2013.

Open Central Administration.

Click on Application Management.

Click on Manage service applications which is available under Service Applications.


Select Managed Metadata Service and then click on Properties in the ribbon interface.


Enter the content type hub site URL in the Content Type Hub text box.

Click on Ok.


Select Managed Metadata Service Connection and then click on Properties in the ribbon interface.


Select “Consumes content types from the Content Type Gallery” option so that content types can be consumed by the other site collections or web application or farm and then click on Ok.


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