Configure Model Driven App Visibility


This blog is about configuring the security of a model-driven app. You can refer to the details section to make your custom app visible to other users.

When a new model driven app is created only the System Administrator and System Customizer have access to the app. In order to provide access to other users we need to make sure to configure the following two steps.

Provide Read Access to Model Driven App

We need to make sure of the user with a security role has read access to a model-driven app. Open security where you want to provide access and navigate to Customization tab and set Read permission like the following,
 Configure Model Driven App Visibility

Make App visible to Security Role

The second thing we need to do is to configure our app to make it visible to the security role where we configured Read permissions. We can do that using the following steps,
  1. Navigate to Settings -> Application -> Apps

    If you are not able to see the above navigation area, you can follow the steps from this KB to make it available.

  2. Select your app and select Manage Roles

  3. Finally select all the roles which should have access to this app and click on Save.
Configure Model Driven App Visibility 
Now users should be able to access your new app without any issue.
I hope this will help someone!

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