Configuring Android Environment For Beginners

If you are a new learner or beginning your development career here are the steps that should be followed for a perfect Andriod develpment setup.

Follwing are the things that are needed to create an Android environment.

  1. Windows XP or later (Operating system)
  2. MAc os 11 or later (Operating System)

Now below are the development tools that are needed along with the above operating system.

  1. java jdk (java development kit) 6 or later
  2. Android Sdk
  3. Eclipse development software
  4. ADT tools (Android Development tools)


  1. First you have to install Eclipse. After you have successfully installed it then you have to install / download java development kit (JDK) and will have to set its path as java_home where you have java or java folder in computer.

  2. After you have succesfully installed now it's time to configure it. After the istallation you will get a window showing different packages at the bottom right corner. After checking all 7 packages click on the install button and now the installation of 7 packages which are necessary for Eclipse to run smoothly have begun.

  3. Now after the installation of Eclipse IDE open it and you will get a window of Eclipse software.

  4. Now it's ttime to install the Android ADT plugin. For this you have to follow these steps.

    1. Click on HELP button in Eclipse.
    2. Now scroll to the software update menu
    3. Then click install new software.

  5. You will get a dialogue box for the installation of ADT plugin; here you have to set the path and check all boxes below and click install.

  6. Now it's time to set an Android virtual device for the testing and debugging of code. Follow these steps

    1. Open eclipse>Window> AVD manager> New

  7. Now a device has been set up and it's time to create a project file for writing code.

    1. Click on File button at the top.
    2. Click New tab and then select New Java project.

      Now you will get a window writing code. Before compiling or running it , it is necessary to save your project. Follow these steps,

      1. Click File and then Save Project.
      2. Mention the project name and set the directory as path for the project to save.
Finally you can run and test your code and your Android environment has been set up.