The Difference Between Azure Active Directory And Windows Active Directory

Is on-premise Active Directory (Windows Active Directory) the same as Azure Active Directory? In continuation to my previous blog post, this was another question asked of me.
Well, although these both are active directories, there are a few differences, however. Let’s have a look at those, 
  • Location
    The most basic difference is, Windows AD is on-premise whereas Azure AD is cloud-based.

  • Initial moto
    As Azure AD is cloud-based, some web service support is associated, unlike unadorned AD.

  • Protocols Used
    Both the active directories use different protocols. As Azure AD uses SAML and oAuth whereas unadorned AD relies on NTLM and Kerberos for authentication and LDAP to query/modify.

  • Platform support
    When it comes to providing support on other platforms apart from Windows, it is a nightmare with Windows AD and requires more time and effort. But the same thing can be executed very smoothly with Azure AD as it just needs a registration with any one of your Microsoft cloud applications, i.e., O365, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure, etc.
One can visit here to know more about Azure AD. Happy learning.