Confusion Matrix And Accuracy Calculation


Main aim of this blog is to introduce to tool available to calculate the confurion matrix.


Confusion matrix is a specific table layout that allows visualization of the performance of an algorithm, typically a supervised learning.Confusion matrix, also known as error matrix is used to asses the model performance by comparing the actual vs predicted values. Confusion matrix also has many

How To calculate

You typically construct a 2d matrix with true values vs predicted values. For example, if you have photos of mangos, oranges and you run machine learning algorithm then the table looks like below

  Mango Orange
Mango 1 0
Orange 1 1

This looks simple enough, but when you have huge amount of data then calculating this matrix becomes difficult

At our institute we have a tool here - which helps machine learning ethus to quickly load the data and calculate the various accuracies required as below.

Tools url - 


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