Connecting To Google Analytics From Power BI

There are about 130 services (at the time of writing this post) that you can connect to in Power BI to create powerful dashboards. Some of these services come with a ready made dashboard as well.

Google Analytics services also come with a readymade dashboard which can be modified as per your need.

To connect to Google Analytics, follow the given steps.

Once logged in to power bi web app, click on the Get Data menu. Click on “Get” button under Services.

User the search bar to find Google Analytics. This way it is easier than going through each of the options.

Now download the Google analytics app.

Now select OAuth2 authentication method to connect to Google analytics.

Now, log in to the given Google analytics account. It will take some time to load the data so you need to be a little patient.


Now, the default dashboard has been created. You can use this default dashboard or go to the reports and edit/update the report/dashboard as per your requirement.