Cookies In ASP.NET

Cookies In ASP.NET;-

There are three types of classes which allows to work with cookies ...

1- HttpCookie 
2- HttpRequest
3- HttpResponse

This cookie property allows to create and Manupulate individual Http cookies in

This property allows to access cookies from client machine

This property allows to save and create cookie in client machine.

HttpResponse and HttpRequest :

How To create cookies in

Response property is used to create cookies__

Response.Cookies("Name").Value = "Jason Bourne";

This line is saving the cookie where the cookie name is"Name" and the value is "Jason Bourne" in client machine...

How to set the time of expiration of cookie

Response.Cookies("Name").Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);

This line is using to set the expire date of this cookie which is 1 day.

How to retrieve values from cookies

string name = this.context.Request.Cookies("Name").Value;

This line of code is retrieving the value from the cookie and stroing the string  variable name and the value of cookie is "Jason Bourne" which we save before...

If this cookie dosen't have any value then the string will return empty.


HttpCookie is also a very useful class in creating and retrieving the values from cookies_

 HttpCookie cook = new HttpCookie("Name");
cook.Value = "Jason Bourne";
cook.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);


We have learned how to create cookies, Retrieve the values from Cookies, How to set the expire time of cookies etc.

Thanks !!

Nikhil Kumar