Create A Recurrence Logic App

Recurrence Logic App

Recurrence, as the word says, means something  “will occur again”. Logic apps help us automate tasks based on different business scenarios. Recurrence schedules the logic app at certain times or intervals as per our need or based on our business need.
We will be creating a simple scheduler logic app which will send a greeting mail on a daily basis.
  • Account on Azure with a subscription.
Microsoft also provides a 30 day free account. For more info visit: -


Sign in to Azure portal -
Click on create a resource
Select Integration or search for Logic App. Click/select “Logic App”. 
After selecting logic app, create a new logic app. Fill in the details of logic app: Name of the logic app, subscription, and resource group. If you have one you can use that or create a new resource group, select a location and turn on/off logging for your logic app. Click on Create.
After creating the logic app, we will see the following dashboard. I have named my logic app as “scheduler”. Now, click on “Blank Logic App”.
After clicking on blank logic app, we will see the below screen opened in designer. Search for “schedule” (with the clock sign) or it will be visible on the screen. Select the “schedule”. We will see trigger options select the highlighted one.
After selecting trigger, insert the interval, as we want to send Greeting Mail on daily basis. We will be giving interval as 1 and frequency as day.
We can add additional parameters  based on time zone, start time in given format and at certain hours, minutes.
After setting the recurrence time, click on “New step”. Action view will be visible. Search by typing “mail” or “office 365 outlook” and outlook will be visible. Select “Office 365 outlook”. We will select  action and we know that is “send an email”. Select “Send an email”.
Fill in the details, to whom you want to send it, subject, body and add new parameters containing multiple options; i.e. bcc, attachments, and etc.
Click on “Save” and “run” if you want it to run manually; or the timing which you have mentioned in “schedule” runs at that time, automatically. It will run on a daily basis and send the mail. Shown below is the sample mail.
........keep learning !!!! 

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