Create A Site Mailbox On SharePoint Online Site

Today, I am writing about creating a site mailbox on a SharePoint Online site. Site Mailbox is a central email and document sharing account that we can access from a SharePoint site. A team member can use a Site Mailbox to team up on composing an important email message or gathering applicable team-level email conversations.

So, I am creating Site Mailbox on SharePoint Team site.

Below are the screen shots for creating the same step by step.

  • Log into the Team site. Make sure you have admin rights or appropriate permission to access site contents.

  • Once the Team site is opened, click on Settings gear from the right side of the page.

  • Now, select Site contents from listed options and click on Site Mailbox.

  • Once you click on the Site Mailbox app, it will get created  automatically, without asking for any other details.

  • See the below screenshot for more details. The Team Site page will be show the output as shown below.

Now, we need to configure the Site Mailbox from the SharePoint Online Team site page.
  • Just click on created mailbox app. It will redirect us to Office 365 account. Here, we need to enter the username and password and click on "Sign in".

  • It will take some time, like 15 minutes or so, to configure the Site Mailbox on SharePoint.

  • Now, we can see that the Mailbox is ready and will be landed on Mail box for that users.

  • Now, we will test the same by sending a test email to any other team member. So, compose an email and send it. When verified, we are getting the email from the Mailbox to the team member.