Create Hello World In Windows Universal App


  1. Visual Studio 2015 update 2.
  2. Windows 10 operating system.
  3. IOT, Hololens, mobile, Xbox, surface emulator.


If you want to develop Windows app, phone app, IOT app, Surface app, Hololens app or an  xbox app, this article is very helpful for developing Windows universal apps.

Windows Universal Develop apps target a wide range of devices and mobile, desktop, HoloLens, Surface Hub, IOT and Xbox.

The Universal Windows Platform and Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 are all you require. Windows 10 device is with one app (create one  that runs on all devices).

Install and launch your app on Windows.  Quite often it codes, debugs and diagnoses  issues faster with Visual Studio 2015 Update2.  You can design beautiful apps with Visual Studio Blend for Visual Studio 2015.

The following steps help create Windows Universal apps. Open Visual Studio 2015 update2.

  1. Select the new project and give the name.
  2. Open mainpage.xaml.
  3. Write the code.
  4. Run any device(select run device from top)

Additional steps are:

  1. New project.
  2. Select Visual C#.
  3. Select Windows.
  4. Select Blank App(Universal Windows).

    Blank App

Select the Minimum version and Target version.

Minimum version

Go to Solution Explorer.



Go to the toolbox.

Select textblock.


Go to properties Window.

text(Hello world).


Next, go to Run(local machine),

It will run the local machine.

 local machine

Output (local Machine)


It's done.