Create SharePoint 2010 Web Service WSDL and DISCO Files

In order to Create SharePoint 2010 Web Service WSDL and DISCO files, please follow below mention steps.

We will get WSDL and DISCO file created in short span of time.

  1. Build VS solution.

  2. Put the latest DLLs in Assembly folder by using any command like gacutil etc.

  3. Reset the IIS.

  4. Copy “CustomServices.asmx” file in “14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS” folder.

  5. Open “WSSWebServicePackager.exe”.

  6. Put the “layouts” path of “CustomServices.asmx” file. e.g.

  7. Browse to the folder where you want to create the files.

  8. Click on “Generate and Upload Files”.

  9. Wait for operation to complete. Then Click on “OK”.

  10. Go to the folder where you have stored the files e.g. “C:\Web Services”.

  11. Open both files in notepad/or a text editor.

  12. Change the assembly version from “” to “” in both files.

  13. Save both files.

  14. Copy/Overwrite following 3 files:

    • CustomServicesdisco.aspx
    • CustomServiceswsdl.aspx
    • CustomServices.asmx

Finally go to “14\ISAPI” folder and replace the Web service solution project.


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