Creating an Azure Web App and Enabling Security Authentication


Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service provided by Microsoft Azure for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends. You can develop it in your favorite language, such as .NET, .NET Core, Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, or Python. It has basically 4 main components. Here, we will discuss only Azure Web Apps. In this tutorial, I will create an Azure Web App and enable Security Authentication with Azure Active Directory.
Therefore, in this tutorial, I will create an Azure Web App and enable Security Authentication with Azure Active Directory.
PREREQUISITES: You need to have an active Azure Subscription. If you don't have you can sign-up for a free account .
Task 1: Create an Azure Web App.
• Navigate to the Azure Portal.
• Using the Search Box present at the top in the center, search for web app.
• You will see the following results:
• Choose Web App + SQL.
• Click Create.
• Once you click it you will see a Panel that contains the following things :
• You need to fill in the following information.
      a) App Name: Name of your App.
      b) Subscription: Select an existing Microsoft Azure subscription that you have access to.
      c) Resource Group: Select an existing resource group or create a new one. For more information on resource groups, you can refer to the Microsoft documentation on Resource groups.
      d) App Service Plan/Location: Pick a Location of Your Choice.
      e) SQL Database: Choose an existing database or create a new one.
      f) Application Insights: Disable it.
Note: You need to remember your server Admin login as well as the password if you haven't saved them in your Microsoft SQL Server Studio.
• Here I created a new server ‘testingforblog’ and chose the location 'Australia Central.'
• Then, I created the database. Choose the pricing tier as per your choice.
• I have chosen the ‘basic’ plan with 5 ‘DTUs’ and Data Max Size ‘100MB’.
• Disable the Application Insights.
• After filling in this Information. Click Create.
• Pin the Deployed resource to the Dashboard. Now we will move to our next task.
Task 2: Add Security Authentication
• Go to Resource testing for blog.
• Click on Settings.
• Choose Authentication/Authorization.
• Enable App Service Authentication.
• Configure Azure Active Directory.
• Select Management Mode as ‘Express’. Create a new AD App.
• After finishing, we get this screen.
Finally, we have completed both of our tasks!