Creating Node Application Using Express Generator

Usually we need some IDE to create a node js application; eg., JetBrain, Eclipse, but in case we are looking forward to creating a node js application in Visual Studio Code (free IDE from Microsoft) then there is a drawback that it does  not provide us a feature to create an application folder structure and is more like a Code Editor with debugging feature.
In order to do create a folder structure, you would have to install Express Generator package in you system. 
  1. Open CMD in Administrator mode.

  2. Run the command - npm install express-generator -g . This will install the package globally in your system and you would not need to install it again. 
Now create a folder in which you need to create your application. Now follow the below steps:
  1. Open CMD in Administrator mode.

  2. Run the command express TestApp. Here TestApp is the name of the application. This will create the folder structure.

  3. Now run the command npm install. This will install all the required dependecies. Admin mode is required for this to install else it will give you an error.

  4. Now run the command npm start. This will start the application. 
You can now go to the url : http://localhost:3000/  to see the output.