Creating Tables In Online Azure Portal

Step 1: Logging into the Azure Portal
  • Open your Browser and browse the link of Azure Portal (
  • In the sign in page, enter your user name, password and click login. 

Step 2: Creating new Azure Table
  • You will now get log into your Azure portal. 
  • Now, create a new table. Just click the + symbol. 

  • Once, you click the button, you will get a menu list.
  • In that menu, select Container menu.
  • A list of menu get pops out. 
  • In this, select Data + Storage menu.
  • Afterwards, choose Storage Account menu. A small Window asks for the table name along with few resource details, which will appear on the screen.
  • Now, enter the resource group type, table name and then click create button.

Thus, the table gets created in Azure portal and you can find it in the resource groups of your dashboard. It will be displayed as follows with your table name-


I will show you, how to connect this table with some front end in the next article. Thank you.