Creating Task Dependencies In Microsoft Project 2013

In my previous document, we saw the importance of creating task dependencies in Microsoft Project 2013.

Today in this article, let’s see how to create Task Dependencies in Microsoft Project 2013 in real time scenarios.


  • First, select the names of the tasks 2 and 3.
  • On the Task tab, in the schedule group, click Link the selected tasks, as shown below.

After linking the task, just see what happens in Gantt chart, as shown below.

The link line indicates a task relationship between the tasks.

Similarly, to unlink the tasks, select the tasks, which you want to unlink and then click unlink tasks in the schedule group on the task tab.

Now, let’s link 3 and 4 task, using another method, as shown below.

Select the task name Requirements Gathering, as shown below.

On task tab, in the properties group, click information, as shown below.

Popup displays, as shown below.

Select Predecessors from the popup Window.

Now, click on the Task Name empty space and then click on dropdown, as shown below, to see the tasks.

In the Task name list, click System Analysis task, as shown below.

Click OK and the results are as shown below.


System analysis and requirements gathering tasks are shown above.

Remember, any task can have multiple predecessor tasks.

This is how we create task dependencies by linking the task, as explained above.

In my next article, we shall see the importance of manual and automatic task scheduling in Microsoft Project 2013.

Thanks for reading my article.


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