Creating Website using ASP.NET

It is very simple and easy to create a website using ASP.NET technology along with Visual Studio.

Pre-requisite: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or (VS2012/VS2013) installed on your machine.

I am assuming that you have Visual Studio (VS) installed. If not then please download and install it from here.

Let’s move on, Open VS and create a new website as shown below:

Open VS

A new website popup will be shown to you for selecting templates for creating new website. Please select the highlighted options and click “OK”.

creating new website

After clicking “OK”, Visual Studio will generate a default website for you. It will look like this:


You can run this website without any code change. You just need to hit “F5” or “Ctrl + F5” to see your website running. This is how your default website will look.

home page

Eureka! Here you go with you first website in ASP.NET being created. Play around with it and enjoy.

For Opening Existing Website

If you want to open an existing website form your machine then you can follow the steps as:

File-> Open ->Website,

You can traverse to the path and select the folder you want to open and shown below:


Once, you click open your existing website will be shown. You can then edit you website and start building or modifying it.

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