Customize WPF Window

Recently, I needed to customize the default Title bar of a WPF Window. The Windows class in WPF does not support customization on the title bar. I found WPF customizable window project on CodePlex and that does the trick I was looking for.

Problem of the standard Window class provided in WPF is its poor customization. The goal of this project is to provide highly customizable window class for WPF with many options such as hidding caption icons, setting different text in a caption bar of the window and the text displayed in the taskbar, changing standard caption buttons of the window, displaying UIElements in the header, etc.

In the project are two classes you can use, the first one is StandardWindow that, by default, looks same as WPF Window, but is more customizable. The second class is EssentialWindow, where you can set completely new look of the window.

Some of the Windows you can create using this project looks like following:





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