Cycle Clipboard Ring In SSMS

Copy(Ctrl+C) and Cut(Ctrl + X) are two of the most useful shortcuts for a developer but generally we can only paste single data that we copy/cut the last time. But what happens if we can paste more than one item that we copy or cut without going back?

SQL Server Management Studio provides a hidden feature known as "Cycle Clipboard Ring" and using it, we can keep track of the last 20 items which we have cut/copied and reuse them without any need of copying and pasting text multiple times.


Write any 5 queries or words that you want in your query editor. Now, copy or cut these 5 words one by one. After copying or cutting the word, now press "Ctrl+ Shift + V". When you press it the first time, it will paste the 5th query or word that you copy or cut. If you press "Ctrl+Shift +V", it continues two times, it will paste the 4th query and so on you can paste any query which you want.

Instead of using "Ctrl+Shift+V", you can go to "Edit Menu" and in Edit Menu, click on "Cycle clipboard Ring", it also pastes the last query.

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